Who are Cashback?


What is Cash Back?

Cash Back is a performance-related promotion based on the growth of funds and the level of qualifying redemption with the added benefit of a financial guarantee.

The Cash Back Certificate is a voucher that is given to the customer free with their purchase, the full cost of the promotion being borne by the supplier promoting the sale.

Provided the customer adheres to the terms and conditions of the promotion they will receive a financial benefit ranging from a guaranteed 10% minimum up to 100% of the face value of their Cash Back Certificate, upon completion of the given term.

How the promotion works.

The promotion works as follows: The supplier will pay to Cashback Asia Co., Ltd. (all payments are made directly to the independent Trustee's client account for consumer protection) a percentage of the total invoice or contracted value of the goods or services purchased by the customer. The Trustee distributes the service fee accordingly: 20% of the amount received will be forwarded to Cashback Asia Co., Ltd. for operating costs and 80% will be paid into an account with the International Bank to be invested.

On receipt of payment from the Supplier Cashback Asia Co., Ltd. will then issue the certificate direct to the consumer.

The International Bank manages the funds professionally and to the best of its abilities to maximise returns, which are then used by Cashback Asia Co., Ltd. to meet qualifying claims of holders of the Cash Back Certificate.

The proceeds from premiums received by the investment managers are accumulated in three-month intervals, known as a tranche, each tranche is then a separate module, which is easily recognised for auditing purposes.

Fifty-nine months after the date of issue of the Cash Back Certificate, the holders, having complied with the terms and conditions of the promotion, will be able to submit their documentation to Cashback Asia Co., Ltd. who will then process their claim.

The amount paid to each holder is to be not more than 100% of the face value of the Cash Back Certificate. However, the eventual amount will depend upon the value of the funds in the relevant tranche at the time of payment and the number of qualifying holders who make eligible claims in that tranche.

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