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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: Is the amount I am entitled to claim back on the Cash Back Certificate guaranteed?

A: Yes! The guaranteed minimum amount you will receive back at the end of the term will be 10% of the face value of your Cash Back Certificate. However, you will also have the added benefit of the growth of the investment over the period and benefit from the people who do not bother to claim.

Q: How do I register my intent to claim my Cash Back?

A: Within twenty-one days of the date of issue (the first day being one day after the date of issue as shown upon your Cash Back Certificate) fill in the holder's twenty-one day registration section of the Cash Back Certificate with identical information to what is shown upon the main section of the Cash Back Certificate. Detach the twenty-one day registration section and send it by recorded or registered post to the administration address as shown upon the Cash Back Certificate.

Q: Why should I send my twenty-one day registration section by registered or recorded post?

A: The reason for sending the registration by registered or recorded post is because you then have proof of postage in the case of any dispute.

Q: How do I determine my final redemption date?

A: Your final redemption date will be anytime within 21 days after the end of the 59-month period from the date of issue of the Cash Back Certificate (If the last day falls on the 29th, 30th or 31st of a month and that day does not exist in that month the day which is naturally the last day of that month will be deemed to be the last day of the fifty-nine month period).

Q: How safe is my money?

A: The Cash Back promotion has been structured in such a way that you have complete customer protection. All premiums are paid directly into an independent Trustee's client account. They then place the monies with the International Bank for investment into a capital guaranteed investment.

Q: If I change my address within the fifty-nine month period will this invalidate my Cash Back Certificate?

A: No, your Cash Back Certificate will still be valid, all we require is that you inform us so we may update our records.

Q: If the company from where I made my purchase is not trading in fifty-nine months will that affect my claim?

A: No, all payments for the promotion are collected before the certificate is issued by the independent trustee, once you receive the certificate you are automatically in the promotion.

Q: If Cashback Asia Co., Ltd. is not trading in fifty-nine months will that affect my claim?

A: No, this is why an independent Trustee has been appointed, to protect the consumers interest. In the unlikely event that Cashback Asia Co., Ltd. ceases to trade the Trustee will ensure all payments are made subject to the term and conditions of the promotion.

Q: Is the supplier responsible to meet my claim?

A: No, the supplier's only responsibility is to pay the cost of the promotion. Once this has been achieved are solely responsible for the redemption.

Q: Is the International Bank responsible to meet my claim?

A: No, Cashback Asia Co., Ltd. is a client of the International Bank and as such the International Bank is responsible to invest the monies to the best of its abilities and to provide the capital guarantee on behalf of Cashback Asia Co., Ltd.

Q: Can I transfer my right to claim Cash Back?

A: No, the Cash Back Certificate and all rights hereunder may not be assigned to any other person but, in the event of the Holder's death, shall be available for the Holder's heirs and successors.

Q: What happens if I send my registration too early or too late?

A: If you register too early or too late you have not followed the terms and conditions of the promotion so you will lose your Cash Back.

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